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Frequently asked questions

Last modified: 30 April 2023

What is this ? What are you talking about ?

The HxC Floppy Emulator for Goteks is an alternate firmware for floppy drive emulators called "Gotek". This manual explains how to install it, setup it and use the new features.

Which hardware / Goteks this firmware support ?

So far the HxC firmware for Goteks support all Gotek variants currently available. The firmware is actively adapted/modified to follow the Gotek design changes.

Is this firmware compatible with my machine/keyboard/sampler ?

The compatiblity list can be found on this page : HxC Floppy Emulators compatibility list

If your machine isn’t in the list please contact us by email. What we generally ask in return to give you a reliable answer is :

  • What is the machine brand name and the machine name.

  • What is original floppy drive brand name and model number - If possible with a picture.

  • A picture of the original floppy drive jumper block (if present).

  • Does the machine floppy disk are readable in computer (= Does the floppy disk use a FAT / DOS file system?).

Can i directly use IMG, DSK or others type of files formats ? Do i need to convert them to the HFE file format ?

Along the HFE file format, the HxC Firmwares for Gotek supports IMG, DSK and many others files formats. So yes you can use the IMG,DSK and others type of files and No, for most of the files/machines you don’t need to convert them to HFE.

I want to copy/backup some floppy disks to the emulator. How can i proceed ?

We have the special hardware and floppy disk drives to backup them for you. contact us if you want to use our floppy disks dump services.

Are fancy OLED screens and rotary supported ?

Yes OLED screens and rotary are supported.

Atari/Amiga/CPC : I have an OLED screen on my Gotek. Do i need to use the HxC file selector/manager ?

If you have an OLED/LCD screen, no this is not needed. You can just copy your ADF/HFE/ST files to the stick and browse them directly with the Gotek OLED and buttons. Just set the emulator in "Normal" / default mode.

Atari/Amiga/CPC : I have read the HxC firmware need the file selector/manager to select the files. Is it true ?

No, this is not needed. The file selector was develloped for emulators without OLED / LCD screen. If you have an LCD or OLED screen this tool is optional.

I have read the USB HxC firmware is read-only. Is it true ?

No it is not : The HxC firmware for Gotek supports both read and write operations.

The "USB HxC Floppy Emulator", currently read-only, is a totally different hardware.

Can i customize the firmware ? I didn’t find the option(s) i want in the configuration file

Yes there are several ways to customize the firmware :

If you don’t find the option you want, contact us, we may add it in the next firmware release !

The bootloader installation seems to have failed. Have i lost the firmware license ?

No, the firmware license still there. You just need to restart a new attempt. No need to purchase a new license. If you still have issue(s) to install the firmware you can contact us by email.

I have some issues with the serial tool to flash the Gotek. What can i do ?

If you have just one or some Goteks to flash, we recommend you instead use the email activation procedure. No need to bother you with the serial TTL method. If you definitively want to use the serial method please contact us by email to troubleshoot it.

I have erased my HxC Gotek. Do i need to purchase a new license to reinstall the bootloader ?

If you have installed the firmware yourself the first time, no need to purchase a new license. Just use one of the standard procedures, the server will recognize the Gotek even if the left number of license is 0.

Can i install the HxC firmware on a Gotek already present in my machine with just a USB Stick ?

It depends:

If your Gotek shows "000" or something similar without USB stick, you probably have just the factory firmware without any bootloader/update feature. In this case you need to use a serial cable or a USB-A<>USB-A cable to install the HxC bootloader and firmware.

If your Gotek shows "FF" or "FlashFloppy" or something similar then yes, you can keep the drive in the machine as it is. You just need a USB stick to install the firmware. No need to use any cable or open the machine in this case. The installation is quite easy and fast in this case.

If your Gotek shows "hXc" or "HxC Floppy Emulator" or something similar then you already have the HxC firmware. If needed you can update it with just a USB stick.

I have purchased the firmware. How long should i wait to receive the needed informations ?

All the process is now automated so you should receive responses within 15 minutes. If no email was received after 30 minutes and you got nothing in your spambox, please contact us by email and send me an alternate email address. Some email services can be picky and reject emails with attachment and links.

I want to use my brand name on the screen and change all the texts. Is it possible ?

Yes sure ! All can be changed on the firmware customization page.

I plan to purchase many licenses, do you have a better offer for me ?

Yes sure. Please contact us by email

I have read on this page / seen in this video that blablabla…

Be careful with the informations presented on third parties pages/videos or others sources. They may be obsolete, unintentionally or deliberately biased or just wrong for differents reasons.

For reliable response to any questions about the HxC Floppy Emulators hardwares and firmwares we strongly recommend to contact us by email.

I have more questions !

No problem ! You can contact us by email.

A forum is also available : https://torlus.com/floppy/forum/

Last modified: 30 April 2023

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