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HxC firmware for Gotek update procedure

New firmware versions are regulary released with new features and fixes. You can update your HxC firmware installed on your Gotek floppy emulator with a USB stick.

The firmware updates are available into this archive : Download

Releases notes : Download

USB HxC Floppy Emulator Update procedure

  • Take a FAT32, FAT16 or FAT12 formatted USB stick

  • Remove any older *.upd file from the USB stick.

  • Copy the new firmware file (*.upd) to the USB stick.

  • Insert the USB Stick into the emulator and press both buttons.

  • Power up the device and keep the buttons pressed during at least 2 seconds.

  • Wait some seconds… its done !

macOS users, set the "Master Boot Record" format option to format the USB stick !
Unlike the seven segments screen, the OLED and LCD screens will remain blank during the firmware update. The OLED/LCD screen will be initialized some seconds later right after the firmware update.

Bootstrap error codes

  • Error 1 (blink 1 times and 2 seconds pause cycle) No entry point (→no software flashed)

  • Error 2 (blink 2 times and 2 seconds pause cycle) USB init error.

  • Error 3 (blink 3 times and 2 seconds pause cycle) FAT error.

  • Error 4 (blink 4 times and 2 seconds pause cycle) UPD File not found!

  • Error 5 (blink 5 times and 2 seconds pause cycle) Bad UPD File header! (bad file)

  • Error 6 (blink 6 times and 2 seconds pause cycle) Bad data crc! (file corrupted)

  • Error 7 (blink 7 times and 2 seconds pause cycle) Bad data size!

  • Error 8 (blink 8 times and 2 seconds pause cycle) Write error (STM32 flash error)

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