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Floppy Emulation from USB stick folder

Last modified: 01 June 2024

This feature allows you to directly put your files in a stick’s folder and mount this folder as a FAT/DOS floppy disk !

You can use it with any machine compatible with the FAT file system (PC, Atari ST, lots of keyboards/samplers and CNC machines…).


To use this feature, copy an empty/preformatted DOS IMG image to the stick path "/mount/emptyfat.img" This image can be a 720KB or 1.44MB blank DOS image or any other FAT compatible blank image. You can use the HxC Floppy Emulator software Disk Browser to create it or take the ones present in the firmware archive.

Once you select a "mount source" folder on the emulator, the emptyfat.img file is duplicated to a "MOUNTED.IMG" file. Then all files/subfolders present into the selected folder are added into this duplicated image.

The emptyfat.img remains untouched.

Your "mount sources" / root folders should have the extension ".mnt" to be mounted by the emulator :

Example: "myvirtualdisk.mnt"

This new feature can be used with the "normal"/direct browsing (OLED/LCD screen usage) and indexed modes. For the indexed mode just put the DSKAXXXX prefix in the mount point folder name.

Example: "DSKA0000_MyMidiFiles.mnt"

The image duplication and files copy operations can take some seconds.

Last modified: 01 June 2024

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