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The HxC Floppy Emulator Firmware Customization

With this page you can customize the HxC firmware for STM32 based floppy emulators (Gotek and all clones)

Fill up the following form to customize the firmware.
The firmware will be recompiled/rebuilt following your requests and sent to the provided email some minutes later.
This is a fully automated and free service so don't hesitate to play with it ! :).

If you get any problem or question please contact us too ! (Visit the "Contact us" page.)

Last update: 2019-02-01 07:19

Firmware base code version : v3.1.34.3a

Extension support

Standby splash screen

Power up splash text Line 0

Power up splash text Line 1

Page 0 Line 0

Page 0 Line 1

Page 1 Line 0

Page 1 Line 1

Page 2 Line 0

Page 2 Line 1

Page 3 Line 0

Page 3 Line 1

Page 4 Line 0

Page 4 Line 1

Page 5 Line 0

Page 5 Line 1

Page 6 Line 0

Page 6 Line 1

Page 7 Line 0

Page 7 Line 1

File format

Direct access / host control support

Firmware identification

Track access

Default number of sectors

Sector size

Encoding (1=MFM, 0=FM)

Bitrate (in kb/s)

Inter-sectors gap

Sectors interleaving

Config user interface


Autoboot/File selector file name

Floppy interface

Build order

Captcha : Put here the result of 456 + 111

Email Address to receive the new upd file :

Generate it ! :

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