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The HxC Floppy Emulator Firmware Customization

With this page you can customize the HxC firmware for STM32 based floppy emulators (Gotek and all clones)

Fill up the following form to customize the firmware. The firmware will be recompiled/rebuilt following your requests and sent to the provided email some minutes later.
This is a fully automated and free service so don't hesitate to play with it ! :).

Note: Once your new firmware is flashed you may need to clear the drive internal settings to use some of your default settings : Press the right button at power up to clear them.

If you get any problem or question please contact us too ! (Visit the "Contact us" page.)

Standard firmware : HXCFEUSB_HFE_beta_firmware.zip
Releases notes : USB_HFE_hxc_floppy_emulator_firmware_release_notes.txt

Last update: 2019-06-12 06:57

Firmware base code version : v3.2.4.1a

Hardware modifications/extensions support

Rotary Type

Misc / Default setup

Default Step sound setting

Default standby timeout

Sound step volume

Default auto select delay

If you want to test the Gotek IO lines you can enable the following option.
The drive will automatically toggle all outputs and show you all inputs state.
See the release notes for more details.

General screen setup

Default backlight standby timeout

Default text scroll speed

Default characters per line

OLED Screen setup

Here you can setup the OLED support : Change the I2C address, select the model, change the text font.

OLED Model

Text font

Minimum row alignment

Default screen contrast

Default screen background

I2C bus speed

Standby splash screen

Power up splash text Line 0

Power up splash text Line 1

Page 0 Line 0

Page 0 Line 1

Page 1 Line 0

Page 1 Line 1

Page 2 Line 0

Page 2 Line 1

Page 3 Line 0

Page 3 Line 1

Page 4 Line 0

Page 4 Line 1

Page 5 Line 0

Page 5 Line 1

Page 6 Line 0

Page 6 Line 1

Page 7 Line 0

Page 7 Line 1

File image formats support

Raw file image family preference

User defined raw file image/disk format

You can define here a raw file image/disk geometry.

Number of track

Number of sectors

Number of sides


Sector size

Track first sector ID

Inter-sectors spacing (GAP3)

Sectors interleaving

Sectors skew per track

Sectors skew per side

Bitrate (bitcells)


Floppy Interface mode

File extension

Direct access / host control support

Firmware identification

FW Version ID

Track access

Default number of sectors

Sector size


Bitrate (in kb/s)

Inter-sectors spacing (GAP3)

Sectors interleaving

USB Stick folder to FAT/DOS virtual floppy auto-mount

This feature allows you to directly put your files in a stick's folder and mount this folder as a FAT/DOS floppy disk.
See the release notes or the manual for the usage details.

Empty FAT/DOS image path

Mounted FAT/DOS image path

Config user interface

Here you can disable the embedded configuration functions (config files/menus/...).
This may help to reduce the risk of user’s mistake in some critical/sensitive environments.


Autoboot/File selector file name

User Interface mode

Indexed mode filename prefix

Note : You can specify a full path in the above file names and prefix if you want to change
the configurations files and indexed images place on the usb stick.
examples : /configurations/HXCSDFE.CFG, /floppyimages/DSKA****, ...

Floppy interface

The non-gated mode is a workaround to the software based floppy bus gating.
When enabled the output lines are driven permanently.
This fix issues with some machines (Korg Trinity and some others).
Note: This mode shouldn’t be enabled for machines with more than one floppy drive unit.

Default Write protect

Head settling time

Motor ON - Ready delay

Motor input line

Read emulation pipeline buffer size.

Floppy Interface mode

Advanced pin 2 configuration

Advanced pin 34 configuration

Build order

Put here the captcha 567 and your email address to receive the firmware update.

Captcha : Put here the result of 456 + 111

Email Address to receive the new upd file :

Generate it ! :

HxC Floppy Emulator project Legal Mentions (C)2006-2019 HxC2001 / Jean-François DEL NERO