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STM32 HxC Firmware STM32 USB HxC Floppy Emulator Firmware
HxC Firmware for generic USB floppy emulators
10 Euros
without VAT/TVA
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Important : For your first purchase, please fill out carefully the "Informations client"/"customer information" form.
The informations will be used to generate the invoice and the email will used to send you the necessary information to program the devices.

For further purchases, you just have to login with your email/password used during the account creation.

The form to fill is in French language only for the moment. Unfortunately i don't have any control over it to translate it. Anyway here is a translated screenshot to help you:

The license server account creation & credit increment may take up to 15 Minutes. Once done you should received your login/password or the credit increment confirmation by email.

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